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Friday, June 8, 2012

Name your HOPE!

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"Napalm Girl", Kim Phuc, began a Hope journey when she found a Bible. She learned & granted forgiveness.
This story began june 8, 1972 in Vietnam and continues 40 years later.

How about your story of Hope & Forgiveness?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michael Hyatt debuting at #12 NYT Best Sellers 06/10/12

Platform Book by Michael Hyatt debuting at #12 NYT June 10th.
Get it. Read on for why..
This post isn't about you nearly as much as all those you WILL reach with your vision.

You have questions about getting your dreams & visions to reality?
Me too!
Hear answers to my question from Michael Hyatt.

This is Real leadership. Real Life. Real Time. Real Answers. CLICK the PODCAST LINK:

PODCAST Don't Miss THIS! Building Your Platform

Friday, May 25, 2012

Call to Duty Memorial Day 2012

Celebrating our freedom, remembering it costs dearly.
Laying down your life for friends, and even strangers, is a high honor.
It's the real answer to the real
 Call to Duty.
Thank you VETERANS. 
the USA

Also, many thanks to anyone who has served others at their own peril.
And, remembering all of our loved ones who have  gone on before us, holding them in highest regard.
Blessings to all.
JD & the CitiIMPACT Team
CitiIMPACT Ministries 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last FREE DAY: No excuses left.

PLATFORM Get Noticed in a Noisy World 
Click to read this review by Ron Edmondson. and HERE for others, including mine.

A review by JD Smith
CitiIMPACT Ministries
BUY IT. But wait until you check this out:

After years of ministry, mission & business experiences; PLATFORM by Michael Hyatt has brought a crystal perspective of the "platform" of this reviewer's life. Moving forward & building upon the platform of one's life is the hidden gift within the book.
The building planks mentioned in PLATFORM can be as intentional as possible, yet, move from organized platforming by intention to an organic life sustaining paradigm. Therein is the beauty of the writing coming from Mr. Hyatt's lifetime of experiences. Simply, it works.
'"works" is the key word here.
First, you all have far more platform than you may think, seriously no pun intended.
Second, I get to interface daily with many people who want to be on a "team", who want to be representing many great things, or doing great things. The reality is that many of them don't or won't do the "work" more than they "can't".
All that said, take my positive INTENT, you DO have more platform already than you may yourself give credit for. For some of you, maybe me too, this learning forum provided by Mr. Hyatt is instrumental in revealing your personal or other life platform AND providing essential building blocks (planks) to build a healthy sustainable platform.
Get your PLATFORM analyzed or going & launch or re-launch STRONG!
It works, you can too!

JD Smith

NOW for WOW!
Wow #1. We're ALL serious about our vision & dreams going someplace; or having a dream & vision. RIGHT ?
I highly recommend that you get this book NOW!!!

PLATFORM, the book, is launching! http://michaelhyatt.com/platform 
I've been humbled to serve on Michael Hyatt's PLATFORM book launch team. It's been an incredible learning & affirming experience. For years sometimes we'll wonder about the fulfillment of our dreams and visions.
Michael has brought his years of broad knowledge to the table for all of us. He is guiding us through practical and thoughtful applications of not only building a "platform", but how to go far beyond that. 
This book is super-packed with the answers to turn your vision that makes people say, "WOW!", into reality.
You'll get power packed & paced implementation information on WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY; many answers like you've rarely or maybe never seen before........except in the Holy Bible.
Here is a simple quote from the book, which applies to every aspect of life & ministry:

Wow #2. June will be a significant month of LAUNCH around CitiIMPACT Ministries. 
I'm playing a little on words and names here, but seriously DO watch for this LAUNCH forward.
You'll learn that after many years of wondering about how to best help many we meet who want to LAUNCH ministries, plant churches, become missionaries, and improve their significance in reaching their goals, we have put together collaborations that will essentially propel you into your implementation of your vision & dream.
One significant source is listed in this post, Michael Hyatt's new book PLATFORM.
After its LAUNCH next week, watch closely for next steps.
You'll want to follow Bridging HOPE on twitter and CitiIMPACT, too.

Wow #3. Here's a way to get in on a chance to acquire a free copy of this book, PLATFORM, from me in three simple steps: 

1-Post to twitter about the book including at least ALL of the following:   
@CitiIMPACT Find your PLATFORM @michaelhyatt #PlatformBook "

2-Reply to this blog post with the reason why you want the book.

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