Friday, February 17, 2012

Multiplying Your Influence

We love to see churches, ministries & people BE their most effective on the mission of their vision. They reveal the Glory of God working in & through them, and their lives are fruitful & fulfilling. 

This link has more information & definition:
Here is a brief recap:

A. There are 8 universal Quality Characteristics that are measurable in multiplying churches & ministries. They are:
1-Empowering Leadership
2-Gift-based Ministry
3-Passionate Spirituality
4-Effective Structures
5-Inspiring Worship
6-Holistic Small Groups
7-Needs-oriented Evangelism
8-Loving Relationships

B.  Like people, churches grow all by themselves. Mark 4:28 However, CitiIMPACT can help you discover how the 8 Quality Characteristics above combine in the following 6 principles, or growth forces, to connect to the "all by itself" growth that is exponential. These 6 principles are interwoven into the 8 adjectives above:

3-Energy Transformation

Getting things moving forward can sometimes come down to getting our hands dirty! 
We are willing with you to Just Do It and BE it!

Let's discover together how you, your church or ministry can implement an action process that yields more Christians & Disciples!

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