Friday, April 6, 2012

Reports of HOPE from Dallas, Henryville, Liberia


Read below for HOPE
not only longed for, but,
through YOU!
Happy Easter from CitiIMPACT
HOPE comes from an empty tomb.
This past month through CitiIMPACT and our partners, that empty tomb's hope and love have filled:
  • 8 semi loads of supplies to Henryville, IN;  West Liberty, KY; and Dallas, TX. 
  • 95 Easter Baskets for Kindergartners whose school was destroyed.
  • Over 600 volunteers with an unforgettable experience; serving  in the above areas as well as in Joplin, MO; Charlotte, NC; and Tuscaloosa, AL.  
  • Countless people touched, fed, clothed, housed . . . given HOPE!
Summer Mission Trips:  Disaster and Urban - Just a few days ago more powerful tornados struck areas surrounding Dallas.  CitiIMPACT is partnering with local churches and ministries to establish long term recovery efforts.  Let us know if your help is on the way.  Get in touch with us now to plan your summer mission trips.  Besides the above disaster recovery needs we also have team needs for Charlotte, NC doing camps for at-risk kids and in Louisville inner-city.

Love for Liberia
Look at these precious faces! These are some of CitiIMPACT's sponsored children at school. Many more await the HOPE that comes throughsponsorship as most can't afford to go to school.  The average Liberian makes less than $1 day.  Forming our team now for OCT 2012 LIBERIA. Need for pastors, teachers (starting our own school!), videographer.                                                                DONATE                                                                           
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