Saturday, March 10, 2012

CitiIMPACT Tri-State Long Term Recovery Disaster Relief underway.

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Many of you have showed your help through prayers, donations, and serving.  Others have been waiting for the "marching orders".
Well, we are ready for you now!  Teams are needed, skilled and non.  CitiIMPACT is coordinating jobs and housing. Sign up now for spring, summer, and beyond.
Specific need for those who can stay for two or more weeks to assist with admin, organization, distribution, cooking, and case management.  

Henryville, IN

CitiIMPACT is facilitating long term recovery efforts in  partnership with local churches across the area and other agencies serving in the region. Through this collaboration we have materials to build houses, huge warehouses for distribution, and millions worth of critical supplies.  
Join us in bridging HOPE to Henryville and the surrounding areas, over 53 miles of destruction.

West Liberty, KY

This town was devastated by multiple tornados.  All but three churches in the area were flattened. 
Through CitiIMPACT's partnership with Index Community Church and many other local churches a Long Term Faith-based Recovery plan is in place with other collaborating entities for the entire area.

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Harrisburg, IL

Through our many partnerships and collaboration we are sending teams and supplies into this hard hit community. 

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