Friday, March 23, 2012

Get into the picture! Cause CHANGES.. 
Are you in this Volunteer Team picture? 


In the disasters of life, natural, economic, terrorism or others...YOU can make a lasting positive difference!

Be Willing.....Be There....Be HOPE.....

Psalm 71:5 "You (God) have been my hope." West Liberty KY tornado. Represent & Re-Present Hope in Christ.
Here in West Liberty we're dispatching supplies & volunteer teams working through a local coalition of churches who will serve together for years to come, leading the way for restoration of their communities.


Be the Change!    From Aaron, team leader from Texas Tech University
who served with CitiIMPACT in Joplin this month, 
"We are grateful for the connection you provided us and we are glad we were able

to participate in rebuilding Joplin, in a sense. Because honestly if you could not


the devastation with your eyes you would have not known it happened. the people
of Joplin were so friendly and full of spirit. The town has a rich and strong community
and culture and we were privileged to experience that."

Over and over again we hear, "If we had only been prepared, we could have done more." Just this morning the mayor of Scottsburg, IN, Bill Graham reiterated this to us; even as he serves thousands of people in a horrible situation all around Henryville.
You CAN be Prepared to receive help & give help in times of disaster...saving lives and restoring HOPE.

CitiIMPACT Ministries and its Affiliates are Christian Humanitarian & Missions organizations dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by taking action to solve the causes of poverty and injustice.  

Cause CHANGES           Bridge HOPE!

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